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5 Card Stud Poker Introduction

5 Card Stud poker is the older variant of the stud games. It plays just like 7 Card Stud poker where there are no community cards but as the name suggests, players only get 5 cards in this game with the first face down.

As only one card is dealt face down, the betting rounds are far less exciting and often it only takes pairs to win a pot.

Playing 5 Card Stud Poker

1. Antes
Each player must ante, before receiving any cards. The amount of the ante depends on the table limits, but is usually a percentage of the lower limit.

2. Cards Dealt
Each player is dealt 3 cards, one at a time, 1 face down (hole cards) and 1 face up.

3. 1st Betting Round
The player showing the lowest card must bring-in the first round of betting. The bring-in bet is usually half of the the lower table limit. A round of betting then follows with each player having the option to:

  • Call (match the current bet)
  • Raise (increase the bet by the lower limit)
  • Fold (give up & forfeit any bets placed)

E.g. In a $10/$20 game, the ante is usually $1, the bring-in $5, and a raise is $10. In each round there is a maximum of 1 bet and 3 raises.

4. Third Street
After betting has equalised, i.e. all players have bet the same amount, each player is dealt their 3rd card face up.

5. 2nd Betting Round
The player with the highest 2 face up cards starts the betting. If the highest 2 cards are a pair, the player has bet at either the higher or the lower limit. If two players are tied, then the player with the highest suit starts the betting. Players can:

  • Check (if no one has raised, the player can keep their bet as it is)
  • Call
  • Raise
  • Fold

6. Fourth Street
Players are dealt their 4th card face up.

7. 3rd Betting Round
Betting starts the same as in the third street, but all bets are at the higher limit. The player with the highest hand showing starts the betting round.

8. Fifth Street
Players are dealt their 5th card face up.

9. Final Betting Round & Winner
The player who started the betting in the previous betting round starts the betting in this round. Once betting has finished, the player who made the last raise shows their 5 card hand, the best five card hand wins the pot.

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