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Scooping The Pot

The main goal in Omaha Hi Lo is to win the whole pot, getting half often puts you barely ahead of where you were (particularly when there are fewer players).

For example, say in a 4 player game where everyone bets £10 each. The pot totals £40, you win the low hand your share is £20 (£10 profit). Had you 'scooped the pot' (£40) you would have made £30. Instead of making 100% profit you would get 300% profit in this case.

Since you can use a different combination of your available cards on each hand, you can win the entire pot by having the best high and low hand. In situations where no player qualifies for the low hand the winner of the high hand takes all.

Best Hands

The best starting hand is A,A,2,3 'Double suited'. Double suited means that the A-2 is suited and the A-3 is suited from a different suit. This hand is particular good for the following reasons:

1) It contains a pair of Aces, which alone has decent potential especially if another Ace shows up as a community card.

2) It contains 2 chances of a flush draw. If 3 suited cards hit the board in either of the two suits in your hand, you have the best possible high hand.

3) It contains the 3 lowest possible cards, giving a great chance of winning the low pot. If the community cards are 2,4,7,J,K you have a qualifying hand.



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